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New rules regarding documentation of intra-Community transaction
In accordance with the EU COUNCIL IMPLEMENTING REGULATION (EU) 2018/1912 As of 2020/01/01, the acquirer shall furnish the vendor with: A written statement of exportation by the tenth day of the month following the supply Two evidences of transport : A signed CMR An invoice from the carrier of the goods All these documents shall be downloaded on our website.
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For every vehicle, you'll find a detailed description and multiple photos. This information is available for each vehicle and as complete as possible.

Your dedicated sales person, of which the name and contact details is available at the top of the screen, is at your disposition for any further information you require of a specific vehicle.


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The different types of sales :
  • Bid and buy with a start price and buy now price.
  • Live auctions : sequential auctions.
  • Tender : all bids are collected and one is accepted at the discretion of the vendor

The bid increment is indicated on the vehicle detail page.

To place a bid you have to options :

  • Place you maximul bid : an automated system will bid for you up until you maximum bid.
  • Bid manually
  • by inputing your bid amount directly
  • by clicking the quick bid button to bid using the next increment

You see the state of your bid immediatly.

At the end of the sale you receive an email informing you of the result of bids you placed on each vehicle.

Contact us at
+33 (0)5 61 77 06 56