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New rules regarding documentation of intra-Community transaction
In accordance with the EU COUNCIL IMPLEMENTING REGULATION (EU) 2018/1912 As of 2020/01/01, the acquirer shall furnish the vendor with: A written statement of exportation by the tenth day of the month following the supply Two evidences of transport : A signed CMR An invoice from the carrier of the goods All these documents shall be downloaded on our website.
Paying for your vehicle
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The payment of your purchases is made exclusively by bank transfer or bank cheque in the two days following the sale. No ordinary cheque or cash will be accepted.


The sale is closed and definitive once the bid is accepted. No retraction is possible.


Sales are of two types :
  • Fees incuded : no additional fees will be required on top of the sale price.
  • Fees excluded : additional fees will be required on top of the sale price. These fees are specific to the sale and are indicated in the sales conditions. For physical sales, it is the same additional fee as the on site bidders.
Contact us at
+33 (0)5 61 77 06 56